Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Gutter Mouth

My gutter mouth kisses have
Tainted your delicate flesh
There's no place for such garbage

Snake eyed stars are indifferent
To the atrocity I just committed
I've become your contaminate

I walk in your Footsteps
So that I don't damage your
Sand with my careless existence

Chicken Scratch

The gentle hum of 

empty air hangs low 

And I repeat innocent 

words that frighten me

Letting them crash into 

you like a bag of bricks


I'm a pile of garbage in 

your lap grasping at straws

You stop me from my

Self destruction , holding 

my stale bones close


Thump. thump. thump.


Kick start the heart

Pumping my blood and poison

until you warm your living dead doll

I feel you..


do you understand my nonsense?  


My chicken scratch and graveyard trash

I don't do you justice honey

Just another horrid angel craving lust


Dissecting your dialogue while

Encrypting my own.

But the butterflies show

and you know..


its so much more

than we meant it to be

Anchored Wreck

An anchor holds me down
tethering me to the jagged reef
with glimpses of my lighthouse
I borrow it's hopes from the cliffs
while the sun sets colors on fireyour derelict ship in the distance
leaving me to drown in what we were

Word Bank poem

1. Anchor
4. Colors
5. Ship

Midnight Oil and Insomnia

Sleep is a fickle whore
who only comes around
when she wants something.

My mind won't be silenced
and your presence 
in my dreams
is torture.

Not even a Dramamine
high is kicking you out

Reason is nowhere
to be found, the
bitch ran out on me

And irrationality took
her place, like a parasite

I want to hate you
but my heart has
already bled for you

So I guess
I'll let this run its
course and see
If i survive it..

While my self respect
Panhandles innocent bystanders 
for drug money
and sympathy cards.


I inject man made venom
as I butcher dreams
into some vulgar self
portrait that I finger painted
with this mornings vomit
I can taste blood full of
copper and something
that doesn't quite belong
helping me lubricate
the lie I spit at you 
"I'm okay"